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3D Modelling in OpenSCAD (1)

OpenSCAD is 3D modelling software, where you do not design model visually, by drawing it, but by writing code. It makes it very handy for technical modelling as well for personalized, parametric or otherwise generated models.

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  • 3D tisk a modelování
Advanced Arduino: Sleep Mode and Interrupts

Interrupt is a programming concept found in microcontroler and regular computers alike. External event can interrupt running code and be handled immediatelly. Sleep mode can almost turn off the device, saving power. In this course you'll learn how to use both these techniques on Arduino boards.

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  • Elektronika
Create Custom Macro Keyboard with Arduino

Arduino boards with the ATmega32U4 chip can emulate any USB device, including keyboard, mouse or gamepad. This can be used for both good and evil. In this course you'll learn how to make your own custom keyboard.

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  • Elektronika
How not to make a bomb

It's a staple of 80's action movies: bomb in acrylic casing with glowing red display. We won't teach you how to make the bomb, but you can learn how to make beautiful NTP synchronized clock in acrylic casing with ESP8266 and a bit of code.